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LEWD FICTION is the developer of this BiG Brother in Space Game.
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V 0.8.5
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Download Big Brother In Space Game and enjoy the whole universe. Yes, in the gaming world the Big Brother Game comes with a lot of adventure. Players can enjoy the space and find unique points and also enjoy the earth form the universe. The game lets players go beyond the globe’s final line and collect interesting information about spacing. If your wish is, to explore the whole universe and uncountable stars then install the Big Brother Adventure game and complete your wishes. Plus, the game permits its users to find hidden points in the universe.


For Adventure and casual game lovers, this game offers hidden tracks and missions. At least the users can easily find the earth form the universe. So, get this app and create fun in your daily life.

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Moreover, if players start playing this game then it is not just for enjoyment but a big golden chance to add knowledge about space and earth. This game provides a better ground that is full of fun and information. Its unique programming contains factual information and maps of all universes. Players can fly around the earth after enabling this game. Besides, Big Brother In Space Game contains amazing features that make double the enjoyment. If you want to explore the game features? Then, just reach the below section and read each paragraph. We add all features with examples in the below lines

Big Brother In Space Game Features:

In this platform, we attached all the features that make the game easy and interesting for you. So, let’s see the features in the below lines.

Explore the Space with Friends and family members:

The players can start traveling to space from the earth with their teammates. The best option is that players can make their teams by adding their favorite people. So, go on the mission with your trusty friends and explore the universe with stars, planets, and galaxies.

Free Adventure:

The players can start exploring the game missions for free. Not just a journey this is a good mission for those people who want to add information about the whole universe.


You can start your flight with your favorite spaceship. The game provides many spaceships to its users. Hence, the players select their spaceship to become the best flyer on the universe.

Friendly Application:

This is a friendly application that is free to download. The users can download this application by using their favorite browser. No need to add any VPN or other injector while downloading and installing. The adventure/Action game supports Android and iOS devices. So, the players can get this app in lay terms.

Multiplayer Mode:

Big Brother Game offers a multiplayer mode that is good for modern gameplay. It allows the users to play games by making teams and groups. To win tournaments this mode is a good option for each player. With just one click the user ON or OFF the multiplayer mode in seconds.

Safe and secure:

This app is 100% safe and secure but if you get it from any trusted website like it has millions of followers that are witness for its safety and security.

Unique Graphics:

The best graphics that not let to alone and bored. Till the end, the players enjoy the game graphics.

Pros and Cons:


  • Explore the game in seconds
  • Supports Android
  • Explore planets
  • Game rewards and bonuses
  • Big fun provider
  • No password
  • Full of knowledge about space
  • Best graphics


  • No support for all Android
  • Requirements form users
  • Downloading takes time
  • Game file wants internet speed to load on any device
  • Not found on the Play Store
  • APK file


Is this game present on the Play Store?

No, you can’t find it on the Play Store.

What is the password of the Big Brother game?

This version is free from any passcodes.

Who develops the Big Brother Game?

LEWD FICTION is the developer of this application.

Is this application paid or unpaid?

This is a free application.


Indeed, the Big Brother in Space game is the most trending online platform that offers unlimited fun and categories. Further, in this game players are enjoying adventure about space and whole universe. In a spaceship, the players coordinate with each other and find the best way to come out from space to face their missions. Also, beautiful and attractive music plays in the background sound that changes the user’s emotions and creates hope to become a successful player.

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