HBL Mobile App Features 2024

The 21st century is known as the modern era and every manual work has been shifted to automatic. Hence, Habib Bank Limited has taken a step to introduce an application named HBL Mobile App that makes every customer’s life easy. Further, if you have an account in HBL then you know about the deposits and a transfer through a bank is a waste of time. Also, office hours are needed to make changes to your account. That’s why the HBL authority introduced this small application to save the customer’s time.

After that, the downloading and installation of the HBL app is very simple and free. Every person can free get the latest version of the HBL App through the Google Play Store. This app is 100% secure like the Bank. Besides, due to its friendly interface, every Smartphone from generation 4 to above can easily support this application. No need to extend the phone ROM because the HBL App is compact. So, let’s see the latest features in the below section.

HBL Mobile App Key Features 2024:

Availability in Play Store:

Every user can easily install the HBL App from the Play Store for free of cost.

24/7 login:

Every user makes changes, deposits, and also withdrawals, etc by logging in to the HBL app at any time any day. Just an internet connection is required.

Biometric login:

This is a greater feature in this version. To save time you can set your login through Fingerprints like the phone’s lock of the Smartphone.

Fetching Account statement:

If you want to get your account statement for any month then you can easily check and download in PDF of your bank statements at any time anywhere.

Scan to pay:

By using this feature you can pay your bills through a QR scan. This offer makes your payments perfect and fast.

Mobile recharge:

This feature is compulsory for every mobile phone user. If your mobile wants to recharge then just open this feature and add balance to your account. It contains postpaid, prepaid, bundles, and broadband. You select any recharge method that you want.

Pay bills:

You can pay your bills e.g. Gas, electricity, other bank credit, water, landline, online shopping, education, internet, etc through HBL Mobile App.

Save and invest:

Through this application, you can save and invest in the following options. Insurance, mutual funds, term deposits, CDC payments, asset management, etc.


You can pay the Excise and Taxation taxes, top up bills, invoice bills, quick pay foree, and others.


Home service, health, entertainment, travel, news, and shopping.

Request service:

E-statement activation, WHT/balance certificate, account balance certificate, NOC-personal loan, ePRC, SMS alert activation, account maintenance certificate, etc.

Management and service:

Moreover, account linking and delinking, updating contact details, getting biometric verification,  RAAST ID management,  card management, checkbook request, stop cheque request,  loan management, managing schedule payments, and limit management.


  • Send money to HBL/ Connect, other bank accounts, and RAAST ID.
  • Receive money; Received via QR and Pioneer.


  • View account balance
  • Change login password
  • Change transaction password
  • QR enablement
  • Change login ID
  • Unregister
  • Tagged devices

How to install the HBL Mobile App:

  1. Firstly, go to the Play Store and search “HBL Mobile”.
  2. After that, the application will show.
  3. Then, click the application icon.
  4. The installation will start and it takes some seconds.
  5. After installation, tap Open and the app will be in your hand.
  6. Then, make logins and passwords then link your bank account.
  7. If any issues occur during installation and enable, contact any nearby HBL branch.


The HBL Mobile App is safe and secure for every user. It cannot show advertising while using the application. Lastly, we hope if you start your journey with this latest unique application then it can change your life and save your hours and difficulties with bank account management. Indeed, we offer unique information about every application for the website theapkbar.com.

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