PUBG Royal Pass 2024

Hello PUBG lovers, today in this blog we are going to introduce the updated PUBG Royal Pass that can help you to play the game using full resources. Indeed, getting a royal pass is not easy because there are many royal passes introduced on the web but all are not trustworthy. So, if you read this blog carefully then you can get all that passes which offers accurate results. Hence, we introducing that amazing PUBG passes that are 100% real and workable on the Players Underground Battle Arena game. Are you ready to get information about sharp and latest PUBG Royal passes? If your answer is YES, then read the lines carefully that are mention in the below section.

So, we are going to brief introduction and work of Royal passes. All are original and latest.

PUBG Royal Pass New and Updated:

A5 Royal Pass:

The A5 Royal Pass will known as Radiant Bloom, here are 1 to 100 Rewards that you can claim this platform you can claim 720 UC Royal passes or 1920 Royal passes. If you have 360 UCs then your work will be done.

RP Level 1:

You can see the Fatal Fox Set and Fatal Fox Cover, this is a female cover set. Also, level 10 Gun skins PP90 Bizon gun skin and another shinobi Armer PP90 Bizon.

Free Emote:

The Pass will be known as Dizi Spin, the character rolls around that’s why its name is Dizi Spin. You can claim this pass for free on the level 15. Also, you can claim a plain finish pass on the same level.

Kitsune Helmet:

In Level 20 you can get a Kitsune Helmet for free. Also, at level 25 you can claim a kitsume Oman parachute without any investment.

Fatal Fock Win94:

After reaching Level 30 you can get the amazing fatal Fock Win94 for free.

Cyber Fighter Set:

A ninja-type set. Further, a cyber avenger mask is here for free at Level 50. Besides, a Pan skin is here for free claim. Moreover, an upgradable Faerie Luster-pan that you can upgrade it about Level 3 and this is like a fan that provides fresh air. In an advanced form, you can upgrade it by investing in a half-material that looks red and white. You can upgrade it into Elimination Broadcast by investing a full material.

 Puppet Joy Emote:

This emote is free for every user. This is a small dance emote and after enabling this emote your character performs a little dance.

ShinoBi Armor S686:

This prize is free to every user.

Gilded Glaze BackPack:

For the Royal Pass backpack, you can paste this set on the Dragon theme. The character looks amazing after using this skin on the backpack.

100 RP Aftar:

Faster Firecraker ornament, this is a unique ornament. You can get this royal pass at Level 65. On the same level, you can see the Night Beyonder bus and flatter pink p1911 skin. A smoke naghty skin is here for free and you can use this with a Pan.

Fortified Gold-M762:

After reaching Level 90 you can claim an amazing fortified golg-M762 skin.

Faerie Luster Set:

100 RP female character set. You can change the colors black, red, yellow, etc, of your character by using part color, also this emote is upgradeable.

All above mention passes are only PUBG games. If you want to avail free offers of other games like Free Fire then you can use Injector tools to get passes and features.


Further, the PUBG Royal Pass is a short-cut trick to modify the account without investing a single piney. So, play the game and level up your account to use the royal passes. Lastly, we hope this royalpass will help you to modify your account and help you to fight with another team by using the latest stuff of the PUBG game.

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